AB Cover

The Air Blown Cover is an innovative double cover for biogas installations and other.


Combibag Low Pressure is a flexible storage for up to 10.000m3 of manure and digestate.


Flexible gas storage


The Ecobag is a flexible storage for up to 10.500m3.


The Silocover is an effective cover that keeps your silo from releasing CO2.


The Flexitank is designed to store liquids.

Wiefferink installs unique installation on a Woodchip Silo in Italy!

21 January 2019

Wiefferink has finalized the unique installation of a Silocover on a woodchip silo near Caorso, Italy. The cover has been designed the to protect the wood ships against weather influences. This 18,5 diameter silo has a large 3,5 meter opening >>>

Wiefferink exhibits on BIOGAZ EUROPE in Rennes France!

16 January 2019

On the 30th and  31st of January  Wiefferink exhibits on the biogas trade fair the Biogaz Europe in Rennes. Please visit our booth to find out about about covering treatment tanks & clarifiers, gas domes, biogas roofs and storage solutions >>>

About Wiefferink

The Wiefferink Group works with flexible foil and supplies products and services relating to storage and covering solutions. We are widely active in the environmental and biogas branches.

Thanks to more than 60 years experience working with flexible foils, we have acquired unprecedented know-how of complex storage and covering issues. That is why our products, techniques and processes are so reliable.