Wiefferink installs unique installation on a Woodchip Silo in Italy!

Wiefferink has finalized the unique installation of a Silocover on a woodchip silo near Caorso, Italy. The cover has been designed the to protect the wood ships against weather influences. This 18,5 diameter silo has a large 3,5 meter opening on the top and is attached to a supporting structure. We’d like to thank our customer for its trust and big thumbs up for our installation crew who realized this installation!!!

Some specifications:

  • Wolf Concrete silo
  • Supporting structure designed in cooperation with the customer
  • Wind load max 25m/s , snow load max 1,5m²
  • Filled from above through a conveyor-belt and and emptied from the bottom through a piston.

Are you interested? Please contact us on info@wiefferink.nl